Live like a farmer

Live like a Farmer on Jädra Gård.

You check in in the afternoon on Day 1 and meet the farmer who tells you about the farm and the animals that live there.

You visit the hens and you can pick eggs from the nests for your breakfast. You have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the stable where the horses live. Have a nice time with the pony Stanley. It is an appreciated activity for everyone involved.

Day 2 & 3

There is much the farmer has to do at the farm

  • Suck and sweep in the stable for the horses
  • Excursion with treasure hunt to the Viking grave
  • Look at the tractor (if you dare to turn)
  • Picnic basket with coffee and juice for your own excursion & adventure
  • Give food and water to the chickens (maybe clean a bit)

You live in nice Ryttarbostaden which has two bedrooms, living room, fully equipped kitchen with dining area, toilet and shower, TV & Wifi, here you live in self catering (sheets & towels included). There, five people can be accommodated without being crowded.

Price: 3900: - inc VAT (for three days)

You make bookings:

Options & Opportunities

  • Purchase for extra nights
  • final cleaning
  • Visit Zoo
  • Explore Fjärdhundraland
  • Visit Sweden's best Älgpark
  • Explore the medieval town of Enköping