About Jädra Gårdshotel

Jädra Gårdshotel is a cozy and comfortable accommodation softly nestled in a farmhouse dating from the 18th century. Here, grazing horses provide peace and harmony only minutes from the medieval town of Enköping. The hotel has a close and secure parking for your car. Jädra Gårdshotel is listed in 2019 on Jädra Gård a place that has been known since the Viking Age. The word jæder is Old Norse and has the meaning elevation or edge of the settlement, for example.

Our hotel rooms

Jädra Gårdshotel has cozy rooms with comfortable beds made for restful nights. The hotel houses eight comfortable rooms all with en suite bathrooms, TV and free Wifi. One of our rooms has high availability. We also have hotel rooms where you are welcome to bring your dog or cat.

The best of worlds

Jädra Gårdshotel is located in the best of worlds, Fjärdhundraland , this is where Sweden was once formed and born. Today, this is a local food craft with a great quality that is based on what is growing and cultured around the farms. There are bakeries, sausages and cheese producers, cafes, eateries, restaurants, shops, slaughterhouses and meat shops, egg producers, mills and millers, but also farmers who grow various cereals, vegetables, pumpkins, root vegetables, tomatoes, cucumbers and much, much more.

History & Culture

Jädra Gårdshotel is located in Fjärdhundraland one built with a history stretching far beyond the Viking Age. There are old settlements here, a variety of medieval churches, countless sights and runes. Fjärdhundraland has today become a cluster for local shops and food craftsmen. What is perhaps most exciting is that new producers, eateries and stores are constantly being added. It is today one built with many talented entrepreneurs who are undergoing ongoing development and change but with their roots rooted in the mill from which the country Sweden once originated.