Joy & Knowledge

When you come and stay at Jädra Gårdshotel, we are happy to tell you what is happening right now and are going on here in Fjärdhundraland.

We have many suggestions for fun experiences and exciting packages for you. In common, all our packages spread both knowledge and joy.

  • A "table table" in the forest
  • We have tips on hiking trails
  • We have bike packages with maps, Story Spot Ink. bicycles with a picnic basket.
  • Guided walks in the medieval town of Enköping
  • Örtvandringar
  • Bird-watching
  • Bees & Butterflies
  • Live like a farmer
  • Courses in Dressage for horse

The history of Fjärdhundraland contains most everything from big kings, wild Vikings to evil pirates.

See our packages below or contact us for suggestions.


Bo som en Bonde

Bjud dina barn på en bondgårds vistelse. Låt dom andas frisk lantluft och bo som…

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Spirande liv och historiens vingslag

Lantligt lugn, färgrik blomprakt och rik historia möter dig när du cyklar längs de slingrande…

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Biking with Vikings

Upplev Skandinaviens fascinerande tidiga historia med hällristningar och runstenar, gravplatser och äldsta kristna kyrkor. Du…

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