Biking with Vikings


Biking with Vikings

Number of days: 3 days

Length per day: 40 km

25 miles

Price: 300 EUR


  • Rock carvings and rune stones
  • Medieval churches
  • Simple, nice cycling in beautiful countryside
  • Good, locally produced food
  • Nice coffee places

The following is included:

  • 2 nights part in double room
  • Sheets & Towels
  • 2 x breakfast with local ingredients in fridge
  • Cycle with 7 gears
  • Map with route descriptions
  • Discounted price for children

Optional extras

  • Transport from/to Enköping railway station
  • Single room
  • Picnic lunch
  • Have a basket
  • barbeque
  • Guided tour of Enköping
  • Additional nights – the package can easily be extended by several days
  • Excursion with rental car to Gamla Uppsala with its magnificent burial mounds from the 500s
  • Excursion with rental car to Anundshög burial sites and monuments dating from the whole of the Iron Age
  • Excursion with rental car and boat to the Viking town of Birka
  • Excursion with rental car to the medieval town of Sigtuna
  • Excursion to Älgpark

Experience fascinating, early Scandinavian history including rock carvings, runic stones, burial mounds and the oldest Christian churches. You will be cycling through a smiling, rural agricultural landscape along winding country lanes which, in some places, are those the Vikings themselves used!

Traces of the past are close during three days’ cycling in the countryside around Enköping, one of the oldest towns in Sweden. Among other things, you will see the mysterious and magical Bronze Age carvings on shiny stone slabs and follow the rune carvers Balle och Livsten’s chisel marks on impressive monuments from the Viking Age. In Härkeberga’s impressively painted stone church you will feel close to the lives of people who lived in the Middle Ages in the richly detailed painted treasure.

The cycle tour is aimed at those who like to cycle along winding country lanes and are interested in history and archaeology. Beautiful views, cosy cafes and lovely farm shops make the outings a pleasure. And the cycling is easy – this is a landscape with few hills, and the trips take you along quiet lanes with very little traffic. Both overnight stays of your tour are at Jädra Gårdshotell which makes packing for your day trips light and easy. Jädra Gårdshotell is situated a short and convenient cycle ride from Enköping.

Day 1

The trip on the first day takes you to intriguing runic stones, beautiful landscapes and Härkeberga church with its evocative paintings by the distinguished 15th century painter Albertus Pictor. Lunch is taken in the old manor house Landsberga.

Cycling distance: approximately 40 km

Day 2: 

Enköping is renowed for its beautiful parks. You’ll visit some of these on this your second day. The trip then takes you to the distinctive Bronze Age carvings in the natural beauty district of Hemsta pastures. There is an opportunity for a cooling swim at the shallow sandy beach in Bredsand. The day ends with dinner at a lovely restaurant in Enköping. Cycling distance: approximately 35 km 

Cycling distance: approximately 35 km

Day 3

Cycling along winding country lanes you reach a Viking-era ford and the medieval kings’ coronation route, Eriksgatan. The medieval churches in Tillinge and Sparrsätra stand nestled in lush greenery and invite silent pause and reflection. You will also have the opportunity to visit a charming little farm shop with yarns of all kinds.

Cycling distance: approximately 25 km