Stay on a farm

Stay at Farm, Jädra Gård Enköping, here you are welcome summer and winter. Living in a real farmhouse is both fun & educational. At Jädra Gård we work with animals and nature to create good conditions for grazing our horses and herds for the hay crop. We are happy to tell you more when you come and live Stay at Farm here with us on Jädra Gård.

The animals on Jädra Gård

On the farm there are many horses, two dogs, one cat, several chickens and three roosters. Here you can fetch eggs directly from the hen and to feast in the stable with the horses gives meaning and tranquility.

When you booked Bo at the farm

When you come and live at Bo at Lantgård you are welcome to take part in the chores on the farm. There is always something to do. To Stay at Farm is both exciting and educational for old and young. Learning to spend time with animals and nature is perhaps one of the better skills you can give your children. Here at Stay at Farm Jädra Gård you live with nature in the cottage and in addition to the domestic animals we have a rich and varied wildlife around the farm. There is a great chance to see moose, deer, deer, lynx and many different birds of prey. If you are hungry for adventure, we are happy to show you what our "own" Viking graves are in the forest.

To do

It is close to swimming and fishing from Jädra Gård it takes 10 min by car. It is 10 minutes by bicycle from the yard into Enköping. In Enköping there are fantastic parks that people travel from across the globe to experience. Culture and ancient remains are there anyway, because this is where Sweden was born, this is where it all began! How old the city of Enköping is you do not know but that the Vikings have been here and that pirates ”vitalized brothers“Ravaged and burned parts of the city are perfectly safe. Jädra Gård is located in Fjärdhundraland which is full of local food producers, cafes, restaurants and farm shops. Even us who live and live here are constantly discovering new strawberry spots. Whether you like bicycle tours, car trips, locally produced food, intimate restaurants or pleasant cafés, we have suggestions and can advise you. Especially for the kids, there are lots to discover and experience to experience, both one Zoo and one of the world's finest elk parks can be visited in addition to all bathing lakes. All experiences are well gathered less than an hour away by car and many you can walk or cycle to. We are happy to tell you more when you come and stay at, Stay at Lantgård, here at Jädra Gård

Stay at Farm has several options for accommodation:
  • Equestrian Dwelling: is a red charming timbered cottage with white knots with plenty of room for four people. The house is about 100 sqm large with two bedrooms plus a fully equipped kitchen, dining area and living room. The bathroom has underfloor heating. The house also has a washing machine, dryer, stove, fridge and freezer, TV and Wi-Fi.
  • The loft: is located on top of Ryttarbostaden and is an approximately 80 sqm fully completely renovated floor which is fully equipped for 2 + 2 people. There is a fully equipped kitchen including a dishwasher. One bathroom with underfloor shower, laundry and dryer. A bedroom with two comfortable beds and a large living room where TV, kitchen, dining area and two good beds have plenty of space. The loft also has Wi-Fi.


  • Equestrian accomodation: SEK 7,500 / week
  • attic: SEK 6,900 / week

The prices include bed linen, towels and VAT.


  • If canceled earlier than 30 days before the agreed arrival date, you will not pay more than the cancellation fee of SEK 1000.
  • If you cancel 30 days or later before the agreed arrival, you will pay 50 % of the rent.
  • If you have already paid more than what you are obliged to pay, you will immediately get back the difference from what you paid.


Anna-Mia & Thomas